Busy Bee Busyness

The white screen of death, I call it.

It opens up like a vacuum inviting you to enter your mediocre prose with a sneer.

I’ve avoided it like the plague for the past month (plus a bit eek). That said, I have been extremely busy. It’s almost the end of March and I’m on my first holiday since April of last year. No, I’m not somewhere vacuous and sunny. I’m actually sitting at my desk dossier-ing up. I did preface this hermitude with a trip down to the beach with some friends. There’s never any drama with this group so while we ran around, had a few and literally split our sides with laughter – I actually felt really relaxed and recouped. It was lovely. Have some pictures.








This four month old puppy lived next door. (Yes, that’s a pup.) She leapt up onto the fence when I was bringing beers back to the beach. The most joyful thing ever.






The past two months have been pretty game-changing though. This year I’m now officially part of the  PRIA’s NEPG committee and attending all their new events including a recent lovely tour of Porter Novelli. The ‘tour’ was pretty funny as the lovely girl running it had interviewed me for Clemenger only a few months prior, K who was helping her I knew from PRINKS and Brad, the only employee left after hours, I had worked with at Undertow last November. Bit of a reunion, rather. PN has done some great work including their recent campaign City of Melbourne: Study Melbourne “My Story”. Interactivity and immersion are big new factors in engagement for campaigns. I certainly could not make something to this level for EFFM but given how they explained it, bar the web development of the app itself, it could easily have fit to a limited budget. I love a good campaign when I can tell it is easily a 1/10th of an advertising one and with double the reach and effect. (Think of Ogilvy’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign?)  Regardless, it’s a fantastic idea and a lovely snapshot of Melbourne. As I remarked in the meeting, it’s totally the Melbourne I’d want to live in. (Although really, we’re lying about the weather.)



At the same time,  the Environmental Film Festival Melbourne (EFFM) has started up again. Our team now comprises of twenty people. I’ve been promoted to Media Coordinator running a proper Engagement team. It’s exciting this year to not only be more focused in my work but to be overseeing others. We’re already pretty ahead of the other teams but as is always the same with PR – proactivity is key. We’ve got a shoot with Penny Brown, winner of last year’s award with “Farmland not Gaslands” on Saturday and Tish and I have really started building up a proper media list. The one thing I’ve been noticing is the drop-off since last year, not with us but with the journalists I was originally in contact with. It’s one thing to hear about the slowly crumbling world of journalism but it’s another to see for yourself only editors now listed on editorial teams Many contributors work for free and for multiple publications now in order to gain any sort of traction in a dying industry. It’s depressing all around. I’m also hounded by advertising sales. I truly wish they’d leave me alone. I literally can’t buy ANYTHING anyway till the program comes out.


Otherwise, I’ve been working *the other other job* and dating and spending time with friends and just generally enjoying the industry of life. A lot of my time actually goes to working on a industry database that is collating information of each agency in order to tailor an application for them. I’ve finished my infographic resume and am starting on the long form while also taking a considerate amount of time on the database itself. I’ll make sure to post everything once I’ve laboriously ascertained a job including my strategy but well, we’ll see when that happens.

I feel terrible I haven’t even spent ten minutes on my novel this week but as it seems everything right now that’s happening in my life is circling around my work work and not my writing passion. And yet, somehow, that’s a good thing. Writing is an intensely emotional process. I relive my life’s happiness and sadness to push out the writing in my head and fingertips. It can be both emotionally draining and put your body into a place it doesn’t want to be. Being busy both socially and industriously in terms of my career has been the best thing for the past two months mentally and everything really seems to be going so well. I’m pretty happy and proud. It’s like a curse has been lifted and my body feels like a lecherous cancer has been cut out. I’m starting to feel healthy again.

I promise more posts more frequently. But as of now – exercise time! After that weekend away, it destroyed my diet!


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